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    I am having difficulty having any categories display on my secondary nav menu bar, whether I active the secondary nav bar and set categories to display by ID or name OR slug I receive the same message of “No categories” in the secondary nav bar. Right now I do not have it active because I do not want that message popping up. My site is only three days old and so I am still developing it and writing my blogs.

    But I have activated the three blogs to be categorized as Articles, Reviews and Blogs and would like these elements to show up in my secondary nav bar.

    I have reviewed all of the tutorial videos but still no luck… http://www.eventplans101.com


    Hi Barb,

    I have noticed that if there are no posts attached to a category then categories will not show up on the navigation bar until posts are attached to that particular category.

    Have you written any posts and attached them to these categories?

    You can test if a category shows up or is ‘working’ by:

    Clicking on ‘add new’ under posts
    Type in the title and text box ‘sample post,sample post,sample post,sample post,sample post,’.
    Open up your website in a new tab and refresh.
    The category should show up on the navigation bar then with the post displayed in that category.

    Let me know how you go.



    Oops forgot to mention to attach that sample post to the category that you want displayed on your navigation bar.


    Fantastic – thanks so much Paula – I did some posts today about logisitics and marketing and those drop downs showed up – how do I get “Advice”, “Reviews” and “Blog” on that level – as they are not blogs and I cannot seem to find their page ID#’s



    Hi Barb,

    A category will only display on the secondary navigation bar as long as you have posts (blogs) published and categorized under the particular category that you want displayed. This is the only way I know of to get ‘Advice, Reviews and Blog’ to display in your secondary navigation bar. You will have to create some posts and attach them to these categories. I don’t think categories have page ID#s as they aren’t really a page but I could be wrong. Not sure but that is just what I think.

    So if I understand correctly, you would like ‘Advice, Reviews & Blog’ as categories to display in your secondary navigation bar. If that is the case then I’m assuming you have created ‘Advice, Reviews & Blog’ as categories by clicking on ‘categories’, entering the name that you want the category to be called and then clicking on ‘add new category’. If you want a category to be a sub-category (a category under another category) then in this same page you would then use the ‘Parent’ drop down menu and choose which category you want the sub-category to be under.

    Now, once you have all your categories sorted out what you need to do is then go click under Posts where it says ‘Add New’ and enter the article (blog) title and content that you want to publish, choose which category you want it to sit in and then click update.

    Go to your site and refresh by right clicking on your site page and to do that just click on ‘refresh’ or ‘reload’. Your categories should display in the secondary navigation bar and once you click on that category, it will go to your post (blog).

    I was wondering whether you wanted Logistics and Marketing as categories or did you want them placed under a category as a sub-category or a post?

    Anyway, I hope all this helps and makes it all abit clearer.

    Keep me updated on whether this works for you or if you need some more help. :-)


    Thank you so much Paula – Advice, Reviews and Blog were already categories and I just cant seem to get them into the secondary nav bar…… and each of my posts already have them chosen – this why I was asking the original question. yes, I refresh my blog every time I make a change in my Word Press dashboard :)

    This one thing just seems to be stumping me….but I guess it is not a big deal as Advice, Reviews and Barb’s Blog show up on the Home page below my Dynamic Image section.



    That’s okay Barb, I love to help.

    Oh, but isn’t that really strange that they are not displaying on the secondary navigation bar because you have done everything right. Poor thing, you must be tearing your hair out by now. :lol:

    Hmmm, I think we need some input from Ros or Justin now. :?: I don’t know what more we could try.

    If I think of anything I will let you know but in the meantime someone else might jump in here with some ideas for us.



    thanks so much – appreciate your very valuable time!



    Hi Barb,

    How did you go figuring this one out? Any luck?



    Diana Manning

    Hey Barb and Paula,

    Here are links to two incredibly helpful ABP forum threads about setting up your primary and secondary nav bars. If you look at my site, you’ll see that I do not have posts in all of my categories, yet they all show up, along with great dropdowns. I’m thrilled with my nav bars now. After I got the hang of it using the suggestions presented in the threads below, I spent days playing with it. Check these out:




    See if anything in these posts shows you how to do the things you’d like with your nav bars.

    Let me know . . .




    Diana Manning

    Hey Ladies,

    One more bit. Barb, regarding

    I cannot seem to find their page ID#'s

    If you go to either “Pages” or “Posts” in your WP dashboard, and mouse over the “edit” option that sits just under the page or post whose ID # you need, that page or post’s ID # will show at the very bottom of the page.

    That’s it.




    Paula and Diana:

    After taking a few days off – when I came back my drop downs just appeared – well most of them anyway – appreciate the advice and the links back to Ros’ sessions, which I am following like a bible……still much more to do.

    I recognize now that the technology just had to catch up :) and I just had to be patient.




    I’m Glad it’s all worked out for you Barb!


    Diana Manning

    Hey Barb,

    It’s funny how some of the stuff we do to tweak our sites occasionally takes a bit of time to show up. To me (a real newbie not too long ago) it seems there isn’t always a rhyme or reason for it.

    Anyway, glad you came home to something nice!




    My God, I feel like an idiot. I was trying to get my drop downs on my secondary nav bar to show, and trying everything I could think of and Paula your explanation about assigning the posts to the necessary categories lit a light bulb in my dim brain.

    Thanks for the solution!


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